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Economic advantages

Spread payment

Buy versus lease. For most, hearing that phrase evokes a car purchase, but for more and more small business owners that term applies to lighting investments.

It used to be that one’s first instinct would be to buy. Sure, you think, you can use the material for as long as your want and you own something.

Sounds good, right? Well, not so fast, says Adam Braunstein, senior research analyst at the Robert Frances Group. There are several reasons to consider leasing instead of plunking down cash for an outright purchase.

Taking baby steps with capital

Leasing prevents paying out so much capital upfront. This can help a company’s cash flow management, particularly a start-up or rapidly growing company. So, instead, the cost of having the LED solutions becomes an operating expense.

Leasing provides operational flexibility that you don’t get from traditional sources if they have to pay cost for something.

Keeping up with technology

The usual lease runs about three to five years, which is about the same time that technology usually gets upgraded and no depreciation is needed. 

5 year warranty

Renting amount is lower than actual cost of electricity

LLEDD.BE will show after the audit that it is possible to rent LED technology at a lower renting amount than your actual costs of energy.

No sudden costs

The cost of changing light will be around 20 to 70 euro for each replacement.

When you will have a total LED solution, you will avoid this costs because you will have 5 year warranty


LLEDD.BE starts with a meeting to check the possibilities and benefits of LED lighting in your environment.

Pay back period

LLEDD.BE will mention the TCO of the investment. The pay back period is the time needed to recoup the investment in relation to energy savings.


LLEDD.BE proposes to connect the investment at a financing model. This model has no influence on the cash flow of your company.


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